About Us

STEMMOZ Labs is a place where we work as a team to upskill the students around the globe right from primary schooling upto post graduation(K-18). Our mission is to embed curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and inculcate innovative skill sets such as design mind set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing.

Our diversified vision is to create a strong base of technical and practical education in the existing education system.

At STEMMOZ Labs, we are passionate about education, learning and students. We are committed to providing international quality standards using age appropriate teaching methodologies and globally accepted education technology.

Our Mission

At STEMMOZ, our mission is to make STEM learning easy, fun, and accessible to all students across the globe and enable them to become the innovators of tomorrow by imparting quality hands-on learning and providing them with world-class hardware and STEM learning resources

To Upskill the Youth of Africa with 21st Century skills through engaging STEM courses in a fun filled way.

Our Vision

Learning by Doing

Beyond theory and text books, children get hands-on experience with STEM and Robotics. We follow experiential learning methodologies and provide an ecosystem, where children can interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.

Our Teaching Philosophy

STEM cannot be explored in a few lessons and books. It has to be experienced and explored. Hence, we at STEM focus on making our programs experiential through engaging learning and interactive hands-on sessions in a complete stress-free environment. Each program is designed and crafted by STEM. Boring lectures are replaced by engaging videos and activities, peer-based learning and programs are delivered by learning coaches.

Designed & Delivered by Experts

The courses, programs, and various initiatives are all designed and delivered by passionate Engineers themselves. They bring in their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help students explore the wonders of the universe and pursue a career or build a hobby or interest in STEM.








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